Enemies of Debate: How Our Opponents Use the Government to Shut Down Public Debate

For years you’ve been hearing about the growing threat of state-level laws that would force nonprofit groups to report the names and addresses of their donors to the government. But changing state laws is just the latest tactic in a multi-pronged attack on robust public debate. This panel will shine a light on efforts to shut down debate on public policy issues at the federal level through agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission and AGs using their subpoena power to intimidate groups into silence. We’ll also discuss how we can protect robust debate by protecting the privacy of our financial supporters.

Speakers: William Anderson, Patomak Global Partners; Lawson Bader, DonorsTrust; Starlee Coleman, State Policy Network; Kent Lassman, Competitive Enterprise Institute; Cleta Mitchell, Foley & Lardner, LLP