Our Mission

The Challenge

Financial services companies are operating in one of the most volatile and challenging legal, regulatory, and policy environments in history. To remain competitive, companies need to stay ahead of the curve as changing leadership in the United States, Europe, and financial market centers across the globe bring different priorities, focus, and approaches.

The Solution

Patomak is a financial services consultancy that provides industry and regulatory expertise, delivers value in an efficient manner, and provides a competitive edge to companies navigating global markets. We approach this work through two lenses: a magnifying glass to scrupulously analyze the details of our clients’ unique circumstances, and a telescope to anticipate trends on the horizon to help position our clients for long-term success. This work allows our clients to do what they do best: innovate, compete, serve customers, respond to market developments, and maximize profitability.

Patomak works with banks and holding companies, broker-dealers and trading firms, business development companies, commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators, cryptocurrency market participants, exchanges, financial market utilities, futures commission merchants, insurance companies, institutional investors, investment advisors, private fund managers, registered investment companies, other publicly traded companies, trade associations, and transfer agents.

Patomak also regularly partners with law firms and other professional services firms to seamlessly position our client for long-term success. We typically interact with senior management to ensure appropriate reception and completion of the projects we undertake. Our services are customized to meet unique needs and circumstances.