october, 2021

27oct12:00 am12:00 amCreating the Tokenized Economy: New Googles and Amazons Required, Money 20/20, October 27

Event Details

Jamila Piracci will share her knowledge in a Money 20/20 panel on October 27 called, “Creating the Tokenized Economy: New Googles and Amazons Required

Fast forward twenty years: the tokenized economy will have surpassed the traditional economy along every dimension. This inevitable shift will turn the economy on its head, empowering everyday people to monetize not only their goods and services, but also their ideas, attention, and time. The entire lifecycle of a token — a car, art, or college degree — will need to be managed. To power this economy, new infrastructure and operating models will be required, opening an opportunity for future Googles, Amazons and Goldman Sachs to emerge, whether centralized or decentralized. The winners of the revolution will be those that best abstract different asset types, link them to the physical world, and lead standards, while driving the necessary legal and regulatory frameworks.

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