Strategy & Advisory

Unparalleled senior-level advice on strategic financial sector issues

  • Assist executives in understanding U.S., East Asian, and European financial sector trends as well as potential opportunities – and threats – presented to their businesses by emerging innovations and regulatory shifts
  • Provide targeted advice for executives on challenges and opportunities posed by new technologies and business approaches related to derivatives markets, securities markets, banking, payments, and digital assets

New products and financial technology

  • Guide businesses on leveraging new financial technologies to increase the efficiency of business activities
  • Assist in the development and launch of new financial products and services
  • Advise leading financial innovators on building business partnerships and navigating regulatory challenges

Due diligence and transactions

  • Provide extensive diligence reviews of potential and existing financial sector investments, focusing on corporate strategy, competitive dynamics, growth opportunities, operational challenges, and regulatory risks
  • Advise clients on opportunities and challenges related to raising capital, strategic acquisitions, SPACs, and IPOs

Monitoring and responding to industry and regulatory developments

  • Provide early insights and tailored updates about financial regulation trends in the U.S., East Asia, and Europe
  • Develop white papers, regulatory comment letters, and advocacy strategies to advance client interests

Representative Engagements

  • Developed strategic guidance for a private equity fund on cryptocurrency custody issues and a potential investment in a digital asset trading platform
  • Advised non-U.S. fintech company executives on formulating U.S. business expansion strategies, including overseeing bank partnership negotiations
  • Performed due diligence reviews for venture capital and private equity funds by identifying risks and growth potential related to prospective investments in consumer finance and back-office financial technology firms
  • Presented on cryptocurrency market structure and decentralized finance (DeFi) trends to senior executives at a major investment management company, as well as to a large U.S. retailer
  • Advised a high-growth fintech company on selecting and conducting outreach to potential strategic investors in East Asia, Europe, and the U.S.
  • Developed a report for a large international firm on cross-border payments technology, U.S. sanctions trends, and business risks involving a potential Chinese fintech joint venture
  • Provided weekly briefings to global financial firm executives on CFPB, CFTC, FDIC, FinCEN, Fed, FINRA, NFA, OFAC, OCC, and SEC developments, as well as European cybersecurity and financial markets regulatory topics
  • Advised on business strategy as well as regulatory and reputational risks related to major IPOs and SPAC transactions, as well as mergers/tender offers
  • Provided briefings on corporate governance issues to executives at a leading U.S. credit rating agency
  • Developed strategic insights for large financial firms on U.S. and European trends related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues
  • Conducted an analysis of operational, reputational, and regulatory risks related to a large cryptocurrency trading platform investment by a major institutional fund
  • Assisted a leading blockchain industry trade association in developing regulatory comment letters and studies on stablecoin regulation and ransomware trends
  • Assisted an ETF sponsor in navigating the regulatory product-approval process by providing expert advice regarding issue positioning and the development of related materials
  • Conducted regulatory risk assessments for global banking institutions on strategic issues related to derivatives regulation, the Volcker Rule, and prudential standards
  • Prepared executives at major financial services company executives for Congressional testimony and meetings with senior regulators
  • Advised executives at a self-regulatory organization on key strategic decisions and issue positioning
  • Produced a study analyzing financial sector reliance on cloud computing for a financial market infrastructure, focusing on assessing potential risks to financial stability