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Patomak Global Partners is a financial services consultancy that provides industry and regulatory expertise, delivers value in an efficient manner, and provides a competitive edge to companies navigating global markets.


Unparalleled strategic advice to identify opportunities and overcome challenges


Risk management and compliance services to enhance competitiveness

Enforcement & Litigation

Regulatory enforcement and litigation support to offer industry expertise

Our Team

Our work allows our clients to do what they do best: innovate, compete, serve customers, respond to market developments, and maximize profitability. We are financial sector experts and we bring that deep expertise to our clients.

“We approach this work through two lenses: a magnifying glass to scrupulously analyze the details of our clients’ unique circumstances, and a telescope to anticipate trends on the horizon to help position our clients for long-term success.”  — Paul Atkins, CEO

News & Views

It Is Wiser to Find Out Than Suppose . . . Sometimes

Mark Twain is credited with coining the phrase “it is wiser to find out than suppose” and at times the maxim holds true today, particularly by any regulated community. Earlier this summer, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released an advisory clarifying...

Expertise, Efficiency, Edge

Patomak is singularly focused on providing unparalleled strategic advice from professionals with diverse backgrounds. We help manage regulatory, compliance and legal risks to allow companies to focus on innovation, competition, responding to market developments, and maximizing profitability.

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