P&I Commentary: Public Pension Funds Must Not Divest from Reality

Paul Atkins writes in an opinion piece exclusive to Pensions & Investments: “Pension funds must invest long-term to meet the anticipated needs of retirees. Every dollar counts, and long-term growth is essential, especially because markets do not always go up. Managing other people's money is not a trivial pursuit — it demands prudence, patience and perception, not political gamesmanship. “

P&I: Wary Investors Applauding SEC Call to Examine Stock Buybacks

Pensions & Investments reporter Hazel Bradford writes: …Former SEC commissioner Paul Atkins, CEO of Patomak Global Partners LLC, a Washington financial consulting firm, said that post-tax reform, companies are supporting economic growth in several ways, such as distributing cash through buybacks to shareholders, including those in and saving for retirement. "Buybacks are a basic function of capital markets that drive reinvestment. Share buybacks benefit those very shareholders, seniors and the broader economy," Mr. Atkins said.