Bloomberg Law: Ex-SEC Commissioner Atkins Blames IPO Dearth on Regulations

Bloomberg's Andrew Ramonas reports:

Regulatory costs are a major hindrance to companies going public, former Securities and Exchange Commissioner Paul Atkins said today.

Bloomberg Daybreak Americas: Paul Atkins Talks About IPOs, Investor Disclosure

Patomak Global Partners CEO Paul Atkins joins Bloomberg’s Daybreak Americas to talk about the changes in how companies approach Initial Public Offerings in the U.S., and the role of the SEC in providing investor protections, including ensuring that investors receive meaningful, material information to make investment decisions.

Real Clear Markets: CA Has Hollywood, TX Has Oil, Delaware Corporations

Paul Atkins' opinion piece in Real Clear Markets:

The small coastal state known as "The First State" has been the undisputed champion of where companies choose to call home. In 2013, according to its secretary of state's annual report, 83% of all initial public offerings, nearly half of all publicly traded companies, and 65% of Fortune 500 companies have Delaware as their state of incorporation.