BlockFi Settlement Shows SEC Applying Old Rules to Crypto

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The recent BlockFi settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made clear that the agency considers certain digital-asset product offerings “securities” under two long-standing tests. The action also marked the application…

Digital Currencies’ Role in Facilitating Ransomware Attacks: A Brief Explainer

Patomak’s Kristine Johnson co-authored a paper for Third Way that details how Bitcoin—the most popular digital currency—is used to facilitate ransomware attacks and how criminals try—and sometimes fail—to cover their tracks. Understanding how criminals use digital currencies for ransomware attacks can lead policymakers to solutions in thwarting and enforcing cybercrimes.

Morning Consult: Billions of Dollars Have Migrated to the Blockchain. Now What?

Token Alliance co-chairs Paul Atkins and Jim Newsome write in an op/ed in Morning Consult: The private sector drives innovation; it is one of the best characteristics of the American economy. In contrast, the government operates deliberately and carefully. That is why we worked with Token Alliance, an initiative of the Chamber of Digital Commerce representing more than 350 blockchain and token experts from around the globe, to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines now to help shape the responsible growth of the token marketplace. The collaborative report is designed to be used as a resource among industry innovators, consumers, and policymakers to address so-called “utility tokens,” an aspect of the token economy fighting to be recognized.

Forbes: Token Alliance: Utility Tokens ‘Under Threat Of Extinction By Regulation’ In U.S.

Forbes contributor Aaron Staley writes: “…An overly expansive interpretation and application of the Howey Test could threaten the utility of blockchain technology and could stifle innovation,” states a new report from the Token Alliance, a coalition led by the Chamber of Digital Commerce - the U.S. blockchain and digital asset trade group... “These industry-developed principles are an important tool for responsible growth and smart regulation that strikes the right balance between protecting investors while allowing for innovation in this new technological frontier,” said Paul Atkins, CEO of Patomak Global Partners and a former SEC commissioner.

Download the Token Alliance White Paper on Digital Tokens

Paul Atkins is the co-chair of the Digital Chamber of Commerce Token Alliance. Download the white paper, “Understanding Digital Tokens: Market Overviews & Guidelines for Policymakers & Practitioners” here.

Coindesk: A Blueprint for Reforming the Crypto Token Market

Chairman of the Advisory Board for CoinDesk, Michael Casey writes: “…if digital tokens are to matter and if they are to enable networks of distributed trust, the industry needs to advance to adulthood… As such, it is encouraging to see proactive efforts to promote best practices. The latest such effort comes from the Token Alliance, an industry initiative of the Digital Chamber of Commerce that comprises 350 global industry participants, including blockchain and token experts, technologists, economists, former regulators, and practitioners from over 20 law firms. On Monday, the Alliance will release its first white paper, one that aims to bring two important constituencies – industry leaders and regulators – into alignment around the appropriate business and legal treatment of digital token issuances.

Token Alliance Issues First Edition of Comprehensive Set of Guidelines for the Token Ecosystem

Chamber of Digital Commerce Initiative Releases Report to Provide Policymakers & Practitioners Tools to Navigate Token Landscape   Washington, D.C., July 30, 2018 – The Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Token Alliance today released…

CNBC: Atkins on Outlook for Regulating Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, and Initial Coin Offerings

In a CNBC interview, Patomak Global Partners Chief Executive Paul Atkins discusses his efforts leading a voluntary effort by major companies in the blockchain technology space to develop guidelines for issuers and investors of digital assets,…

Chamber of Digital Commerce: Blockchain Industry and Regulatory Leaders Launch Token Alliance

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is pleased to announce the Token Alliance, an industry-led initiative to educate, promote and help shape the responsible growth of token and digital asset issuances. The Token Alliance is co-chaired by former Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Dr. Jim Newsome, and former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Paul Atkins.