Randall Kroszner Featured in Yahoo Finance Article on the Economy

Randall Kroszner, former Federal Reserve Board (FRB) Governor and Senior Advisor at Patomak Global Partners, was featured in Yahoo Finance yesterday. Mr. Kroszner commented on the likelihood of a recession in the United States, stating that…

Question and Answer with Keith Noreika: Perspectives on Issues Facing Banks Now

In the following interview, Keith Noreika shares his thoughts on issues facing banks today as well as current events and regulatory developments shaping the near-term horizon. Mr. Noreika joined Patomak Global Partners in July 2022 as Executive…

Randy Kroszner Discusses What to Expect from the Fed during the FOMC Meeting

Randy Kroszner, Chicago Booth School Deputy Dean for Executive Programs, Professor of Economics, and Former Federal Reserve Board Governor, discusses what to expect from the fed during the FOMC meeting next week. Kroszner says that the fed needs…

RealClearMarkets: U.S. States Must Team Up If They Want to Compete With California

Patomak’s Paul Watkins writes in an opinion piece in RealClearMarkets that many states recognize the need to attract emerging businesses. Acting together, however, can empower states throughout the country to lead in launching the next generation of innovative companies and capture the attendant economic growth and opportunities for their citizens.

Yahoo Finance: Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner talks new federal stimulus

Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner joins Yahoo Finance anchors Seana Smith and Adam Shapiro to discuss the upcoming federeral stimulus package.

ISDA’s The Swap podcast: What Next for US Financial Markets Regulation?

What does the US election result mean for the direction of US financial regulation? Paul Atkins, chief executive of Patomak Global Partners, and Fred Hatfield, director, Intercontinental Exchange, and Patomak Senior Advisor give their views.

Two Ways Regulators Can Carry Through the Recent Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery

Two ways regulatory agencies can effectuate the recent White House Executive Order requiring them to find ways to reduce burdens to jumpstart economic growth: 1) think creatively; and 2) consider permanent relief.

WSJ opinion: Borrower Beware: Cares Loans Carry a Steep Cost

Patomak CEO Paul Atkins writes in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, “Borrower Beware!”

"Businesses with flexibility should seriously consider to what extent accepting the terms of federal loans or other support may be a Faustian bargain for their long-term business operations and strategy. The ultimate cost may dramatically outweigh the temporary gain."

Atkins draws on his experience on the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP, which oversaw emergency spending in response to the 2008-09 financial crisis and discusses considerations businesses should make now before filing for federal assistance.

Bloomberg Radio: Paul Atkins on FSOC Guidance and New York Exxon Lawsuit

Patomak Global Partners CEO Paul Atkins is a guest on Bloomberg radio “Balance of Power” show and weighs in on recent action by the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the New York Attorney General lawsuit against Exxon.

Washington Examiner: What to Expect from the Jerome Powell Era at the Federal Reserve

Jerome Powell won’t run the Federal Reserve too differently than Janet Yellen would have. But, because he is not her and was not President Barack Obama’s nominee, he will start a four-year term as Fed chairman Monday while she begins as a think tanker at the Brookings Institution.

...The Powell era, however, will include another key Trump appointee, Randal Quarles, serving as the vice chairman for supervision, a position with oversight of regulatory affairs that was never filled under Obama.

Quarles, a former private equity investor and George W. Bush Treasury official, is likely to push for changes to several key features of the post-crisis rules, said Paul Atkins, chief executive of the financial services consultancy Patomak Global Partners, including new capital requirements for banks, internationally coordinated rules, and the Volcker Rule.