Securities and Exchange Commission Buidling

The Curious Case of the Hidden FAQ

SEC staff issued an FAQ regarding consideration of diversity, equity, and inclusion factors by investment advisers when selecting or recommending other investment advisers in compliance with an adviser’s fiduciary duty. The FAQ raises…
Securities and Exchange Commission Buidling

Crypto Requires Robust Risk Management Framework

Effective and comprehensive risk management is key to the cryptocurrency industry’s future success. The industry would mitigate various risks by following the five principles described here. The recent bankruptcy of a major cryptocurrency…
Securities and Exchange Commission Buidling

Question and Answer with Keith Noreika: Perspectives on Issues Facing Banks Now

In the following interview, Keith Noreika shares his thoughts on issues facing banks today as well as current events and regulatory developments shaping the near-term horizon. Mr. Noreika joined Patomak Global Partners in July 2022 as Executive…