Yahoo Finance: Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner talks new federal stimulus

Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner joins Yahoo Finance anchors Seana Smith and Adam Shapiro to discuss the upcoming federeral stimulus package.

New Patomak Senior Leadership Strengthen and Expand Firm’s Banking and FinTech Know-How


Patomak Global Partners is pleased to announce the recent additions of Jamila Piracci and Paul N. Watkins to the senior leadership team, reinforcing and further diversifying the firm’s banking, FinTech, and regulatory policy capabilities.

FIA: Diversity Unlocks Innovation

Jamila Piracci of Patomak Global Partners says diverse, inclusive teams bring new ideas and perspectives to a business.

Morning Consult: A Welcome October Surprise: Bank Regulators Can Adopt Proactive Policies

Patomak CEO Paul Atkins writes a "welcome October surprise" would be bank regulators' adoption of a proposal that would update how banking organizations measure counterparty credit risk posed by options contracts.

Washington Examiner: What to Expect from the Jerome Powell Era at the Federal Reserve

Jerome Powell won’t run the Federal Reserve too differently than Janet Yellen would have. But, because he is not her and was not President Barack Obama’s nominee, he will start a four-year term as Fed chairman Monday while she begins as a think tanker at the Brookings Institution.

...The Powell era, however, will include another key Trump appointee, Randal Quarles, serving as the vice chairman for supervision, a position with oversight of regulatory affairs that was never filled under Obama.

Quarles, a former private equity investor and George W. Bush Treasury official, is likely to push for changes to several key features of the post-crisis rules, said Paul Atkins, chief executive of the financial services consultancy Patomak Global Partners, including new capital requirements for banks, internationally coordinated rules, and the Volcker Rule.

The Washington Examiner: Trump, GOP Want Regulators Out of Boardrooms

...But the push to rein in regulators is about more than a specific rule or law. The effort also includes changing the relationship between banks and government regulators, giving less discretion to government representatives and more latitude to bankers...

The Fed's mandate to ensure the safety of banks "justifies all sorts of secret, behind the scenes arm-twisting," said Paul Atkins, head of the financial consulting firm Patomak Global Partners and former transition adviser to Trump. The regulators' involvement "provides challenges for people trying to operate," he said.